Who Would I Be Without

“So what is this story, Who Would I Be Without, that you have written?”Who Would I Be Without by Jim McDonald due for release in August 2009

Many are asking me this simple question and I find that fear has me torn between keeping the story concealed until the time is right to make the most money possible through selling the book and releasing it all right now.  After all, it was written with the inspiration and intent to be a work of sharing and only recently has the desire for money crept in. 

Who Would I Be Without is a story of awakening from the illusion of fear and the healing powers of self-love.  It follows the average and everyday plight of Nathan Vrite, an ordinary man in many regards with ordinary problems as well.  While his life is ordinary in many ways, it is miraculous in one—Nathan has somehow found the little bit of willingness needed to show him another way, another way of being in the world.   Nathan becomes a Student of Experience™–of his own experience and begins to discover the peace and joy that lie inside, waiting to be uncovered.

It is also a story of discovering resistance and the suffering that comes with the fear that unconsciously tells us we must know and understand in order to feel safe in the world.  We go with Nathan as he begins to look at these factors and the influence he has allowed them to have over his life and his very being.  We join in his journey of discovery as Nathan embarks on a life-altering process of looking at himself as he has never done before.  We realize that Nathan’s story is our own, although our exact circumstances may be different, and if we too are looking for another way, Nathan just may show us how a little willingness is all we need.

It’s a story of getting, or rather, unlearning thought and behavior patterns that are based in getting so that essence is freed in the realization that it needs nothing and there is nothing to get.

I have found throughout the process of letting this work emerge that summarizing it is quite difficult.  The story spans many aspects of life and the manner in which we experience ourselves, and finding the words to capture its depth and introspection in a succinct sound bite is virtually impossible, at least for me it has been thus far.  I worry sometimes that I do potential readers an injustice each time I attempt to write a synopsis for this exact reason.  I hope I have not done that here.  I realize today I do have another option which I am now drawn to follow; I can continue to write short synopsis’ and allow each to speak to whom ever it speaks to, just as was my initial inspiration when I began writing.

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