Meet God From Where You Are Today

God Is

Birth:    God Is.

7 years:    God is a man with long flowing white hair and an old wrinkly face who looks down on me from the clouds.   He listens to me when they make me tell him what I have done wrong and say I am sorry.   Sometimes he gives me what I ask for and sometimes, he doesn’t.   He scares me a little.

15 years:    God is a spirit, like a ghost, but not a ghost.  The Holy Spirit is a ghost, not God.  God is a person and yet not a person.  They tell me he loves me and at the same time they tell me he judges, condemns, and punishes me.  They tell me I am guilty of things I didn’t do; that I am guilty of things other people did before I was born.  I haven’t seen or heard from him.  I really don’t see what the big deal is.

23 years:    God, what God?  I don’t need God.  My life is great and I am living, loving, and having fun.  Look what I’ve done; I have a good job, money, girlfriend, car and lots of friends, what else do I need.  Life is great!

31 years:    Who are you God and how do I find you?   I’m frightened and angry all the time.   Life is hard.   I need help and you are never there.   I hate you for not coming to save me.   I reject you as you have rejected me.

37 years:    God, or something, touched me today.   Life brought me to my knees and for the first time in this life, I stayed there for a while.   Not knowing how, I asked for help.   I asked in a way I never have before; with genuine need and desire.   In that moment of darkness I asked, and immediately I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.   It was as real for me as the sun rising in the morning.   The finger of God touched my shoulder and I cried.   Maybe.

40 years:     You have to meet God!  It’s the only way!   Ask and he will answer.   Be saved.   I can help you.

46 years:     God is peace.  Follow his laws of love.  Honor life and honor him.   My participation in groups, family, religion and the like has changed my life.   I thank God for all of it.

55 years:    The God I know today is not the God I thought I didn’t know all of my life.   The God I know today is a friend who has shown me the beauty in this world and the beauty in me.   I talk to him the way I would talk to a friend and I have told him my darkest secrets.   I tell him how I am feeling and share my fears with him.   I don’t ask for anything because in telling I get all I need.

59 years:    I am beginning to see that now I must be still and listen.   If I am doing the talking, when is there time to hear?   God offers guidance when I give him the chance to actually guide.

63 years:     Meet God from where you are now and God is there with Love and nothing else.   In meeting God, I meet myself.

Moment before death:    God is.

I have tried for years to bring God to me and that has never worked.   Only when I go to God with all of my pain, joy, suffering, sadness, and love as an offering to me, only then do I experience relief that comes in the form of peace;  the peace of God.   Only when I genuinely go to God, fully naked, empty-handed and willing to expose the depths of my experience, do I uncover the Peace of God already in me.
Pure Joy!


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