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FREE BOOK Download – Please share them, pass them to friends and whomever might be inspired.  Make copies, share the pdf, post on social media…. whatever!

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Illusive Secrets: Discovering the Power of Self-Honesty  AND  Illusive Secrets 2: Embracing Your True Self  are now FREE to everyone (pdf).

When I began writing I didn’t know I was writing a book.  Through the process direction came for it to be a book.  The format of the work is not important today.  The end result was books and that’s wonderful.  The problem is, and it’s not really a problem, the problem is that very early on fear took over and shifted the purpose from sharing so other might be inspired to making money.

My original intent and motivation was to share what i was doing, practicing and experiencing so others might be inspired or their lives enriched.  I had no concern at all about “selling” the materials.  I genuinely knew that i was writing and i was going to “put it out there” for anyone who might be curious.  I believed it did not matter to me if people liked it or not, if it spoke to them or not.  In fact, at one point very early on in my writing, my review analysis changed from, “yes, that sounds good” when i would proof read something to, “yes, that’s what i want to say” without any concern for whether it was good or not.

That all shifted rather quickly and without my awareness to: How do I market these?  How do i get them out there for people?  How do I make people aware they exist?  which all seem like valid questions.  Only problem is, the motivation for answering had the “need” for money behind it.  I was off an running, chasing the money, chasing SALES…

Several years of very hard work and LOTS of learning about stuff i have no interest in like Twitter, auto bots, social media relationships, building a brand, YUCK YUCK YUCK… have left me weary of the entire process of “TRYING” to sell books.

I woke up from this madness a few months ago and the transition back to my original direction is more challenging than i could have expected.  The idea of going back to simply “putting them out there” is fine and i embrace it.  Actually doing it, braking my patterns and thought processes around Marketing, etc. is more difficult than i anticipated.

I write and share my process because it’s EMPOWERING, FREEING, and WONDERFUL!

I share my experiences because it seems to me i’m supposed to.

I offer the work for FREE because that’s the direction i’ve been given.

CLICK HERE to download your pdf copy(s) NOW

If download link not working, copy and paste URL:


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