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Stay OFF Track!

What to say about ME?  I am.

What to say about the body named Jim?

Author | Spiritual Life Coach | Speaker

Author of:

Interference: Finding Harmony and Fulfillment in Everyday Life

Who Would I Be Without

Illusive Secrets: Discovering the Power of Self-Honesty

Illusive Secrets II: Embracing Your True Self

53 trips around the sun,LIMC after my name, 18 years corporate Training & Development, 44 years asking others to tell me who I was, 22 years 12 step recovery, 10 years therapy/counseling (ah, now i think i know who i was), 25 years unconscious suffering, many years uncovering who I am only to discover that who I am is a statement and not a question, sibling of two, child of two, parent of none, husband of none, giver of what’s been given, receiver through giving, Student of Experience.

Those are the labels, concepts, and illusions of this body most refer to as Jim.

Who is Jim?  Who knows?

What is Jim… now that’s an entirely different question.