I Trusted You…

It’s my guess that at some point in your life you’ve been hurt by someone you trusted. We all want to rest in knowing that no one will ever violate our trust, ever again!   It is possible that no one will violate your trust ever again!  It depends solely on how you define TRUST. … Continue reading I Trusted You…


Others Are Guilty of Being Selfish

Some time ago I noticed myself feeling angry when a friend was being selfish.  I took some time to look at that experience and found that while my less-than-peaceful experience appeared to be due to my friend’s behavior, it was actually the result of my own self-image. In order to find clarity here, let’s first … Continue reading Others Are Guilty of Being Selfish

Forgive and Forget? Forget About It!

Is it possible to truly “forgive and forget”?  Quite often, we tell ourselves it is simply because we have to. Somewhere deep inside we the story that says if we can’t “forgive and forget”, we’ll be miserable.  This unconscious thought points to a future so frightening we must suppress it in order to survive.  Life … Continue reading Forgive and Forget? Forget About It!