I Trusted You…

It’s my guess that at some point in your life you’ve been hurt by someone you trusted. We all want to rest in knowing that no one will ever violate our trust, ever again!   It is possible that no one will violate your trust ever again!  It depends solely on how you define TRUST. … Continue reading I Trusted You…


Use Chaos to Eliminate Chaos in Your Life

We all would claim to have at least some chaos in our lives.  Whether or not it is true depends on each person’s definition of what chaos is or means to them and many define or experience chaos as the result of external forces beyond our control.  That said, regardless of how we define chaos, … Continue reading Use Chaos to Eliminate Chaos in Your Life

“Live each day as if it were you last.”

It sounds wonderful doesn’t it. What would today look like if i truly lived it as if it were my last? Would i get out of bed? i might just stay a while – not out of depression but because it’s so peaceful, so safe, so genuine with being. Would i waste the time required … Continue reading “Live each day as if it were you last.”

“Maybe It’s Me” – Three Words That Changed My Life

The possibility that I was the source of my problems eluded me for the majority of my adult life.  During that time, the time before awakening, fear was relentless in its intricate schemes to keep me convinced that everyone else was the problem. I remained trapped in an unconscious cycle of initiation, bonding, and separation … Continue reading “Maybe It’s Me” – Three Words That Changed My Life

Bordem – Are You?

I realized yesterday while talking with a friend that it has been quite some time since i last experienced boredom.  With that realization came a wonderful feeling of surprise and peace in seeing change happen without "trying" to change.  I did not set out a few years ago on a mission to stop experiencing boredom.  … Continue reading Bordem – Are You?