Trying to be Kind and Loving

  Throughout my life, people and religion went to great lengths teaching and preaching that I should try to be kind and loving.  As a result, I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to be kind and more loving; trying to be that loving, compassionate person I sensed was inside but for whatever reason … Continue reading Trying to be Kind and Loving

There is no But… in “I Love You” – Love Wants Nothing

In my experience, there are two kinds of love: The experience that happens on a worldly level with another person (animal, thing, or experience.) and the all-encompassing experience of Love where our sense of separation and individuality fades away. This type of Love is incomprehensible and is understood only through experience. I’ll refer to this … Continue reading There is no But… in “I Love You” – Love Wants Nothing

Meet God From Where You Are Today

Birth:    God Is. 7 years:    God is a man with long flowing white hair and an old wrinkly face who looks down on me from the clouds.   He listens to me when they make me tell him what I have done wrong and say I am sorry.   Sometimes he gives me what I ask for … Continue reading Meet God From Where You Are Today

Pure Selflessness

I had to become selfish before I could begin to experience selflessness. Selflessness seemed always just beyond my grasp.  It was only when I began saying no, and began recognizing when I was making choices out of obligation and then holding resentment for those choices, that I truly experienced love-of-self in a way that allowed … Continue reading Pure Selflessness

Is Love Really Love?

What makes one person, one life, more significant than another? How is it that i am okay with not helping a stranger but i feel i must help a family member? Do your primary relationships serve to bring you closer in joining with others? Or do they serve to further separate you from others? In … Continue reading Is Love Really Love?