Forgive and Forget? Forget About It!

Is it possible to truly “forgive and forget”?  Quite often, we tell ourselves it is simply because we have to. Somewhere deep inside we the story that says if we can’t “forgive and forget”, we’ll be miserable.  This unconscious thought points to a future so frightening we must suppress it in order to survive.  Life … Continue reading Forgive and Forget? Forget About It!


Pure Selflessness

I had to become selfish before I could begin to experience selflessness. Selflessness seemed always just beyond my grasp.  It was only when I began saying no, and began recognizing when I was making choices out of obligation and then holding resentment for those choices, that I truly experienced love-of-self in a way that allowed … Continue reading Pure Selflessness

A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot

"A closed mouth gathers no foot." I put this in quotes because it is not my line and I do not know to whom it is credited.  I have, however, had it hanging on my kitchen door for some time now - almost long enough that it is time to take it down because i … Continue reading A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot

Is Love Really Love?

What makes one person, one life, more significant than another? How is it that i am okay with not helping a stranger but i feel i must help a family member? Do your primary relationships serve to bring you closer in joining with others? Or do they serve to further separate you from others? In … Continue reading Is Love Really Love?

Bordem – Are You?

I realized yesterday while talking with a friend that it has been quite some time since i last experienced boredom.  With that realization came a wonderful feeling of surprise and peace in seeing change happen without "trying" to change.  I did not set out a few years ago on a mission to stop experiencing boredom.  … Continue reading Bordem – Are You?