Back to Being FREE

FREE BOOK Download - Please share them, pass them to friends and whomever might be inspired.  Make copies, share the pdf, post on social media.... whatever! CLICK HERE to download your pdf copy(s) NOW If download link not working, copy and paste URL: Illusive Secrets: Discovering the Power of Self-Honesty  AND  Illusive Secrets 2: … Continue reading Back to Being FREE


Trying to be Kind and Loving

  Throughout my life, people and religion went to great lengths teaching and preaching that I should try to be kind and loving.  As a result, I’ve spent the majority of my life trying to be kind and more loving; trying to be that loving, compassionate person I sensed was inside but for whatever reason … Continue reading Trying to be Kind and Loving

There is no But… in “I Love You” – Love Wants Nothing

In my experience, there are two kinds of love: The experience that happens on a worldly level with another person (animal, thing, or experience.) and the all-encompassing experience of Love where our sense of separation and individuality fades away. This type of Love is incomprehensible and is understood only through experience. I’ll refer to this … Continue reading There is no But… in “I Love You” – Love Wants Nothing

Meet God From Where You Are Today

Birth:    God Is. 7 years:    God is a man with long flowing white hair and an old wrinkly face who looks down on me from the clouds.   He listens to me when they make me tell him what I have done wrong and say I am sorry.   Sometimes he gives me what I ask for … Continue reading Meet God From Where You Are Today

Bordem – Are You?

I realized yesterday while talking with a friend that it has been quite some time since i last experienced boredom.  With that realization came a wonderful feeling of surprise and peace in seeing change happen without "trying" to change.  I did not set out a few years ago on a mission to stop experiencing boredom.  … Continue reading Bordem – Are You?