“Live each day as if it were you last.”

It sounds wonderful doesn’t it. What would today look like if i truly lived it as if it were my last? Would i get out of bed? i might just stay a while – not out of depression but because it’s so peaceful, so safe, so genuine with being. Would i waste the time required … Continue reading “Live each day as if it were you last.”


A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot

"A closed mouth gathers no foot." I put this in quotes because it is not my line and I do not know to whom it is credited.  I have, however, had it hanging on my kitchen door for some time now - almost long enough that it is time to take it down because i … Continue reading A Closed Mouth Gathers No Foot

Panic, Anxiety, Fear

Pink slip at work! "Go home today, you no longer have a job here." Panic, anxiety, fear...  for days, weeks, maybe months. Sudden, unexpected relationship breakup! "I can't do this with you any more, I can't be with you anymore." Panic, anxiety, fear... for days, weeks, maybe months. Many have faced at least one of … Continue reading Panic, Anxiety, Fear

How Do YOU Receive?

Okay, so the pattern I spoke of in my last entry about people not finishing the book is shifting.  People are finishing it.  Not sure why I needed to write that, just let it come out and now moving on.   I find myself these days in a financial situation I would have labeled and … Continue reading How Do YOU Receive?